Since 1961, Newbanks has provided Construction Consulting services to the nation’s primary lending institutions.  A constant since our founding in Atlanta, Georgia by Robert Newbanks nearly 50 years ago, we have reviewed thousands of projects and billions of dollars worth of construction and commercial real estate assets across America.  The size, scope, and variety of our assignments have ranged from small residential developments to commercial projects well in excess of $100 million.  Since inception, we have conducted these assignments exclusively as our primary function, not as a sideline source of work.

Our clients in the commercial mortgage industry include a variety of domestic and foreign lenders, mortgage bankers, institutional investors, community banks, REITs, insurance companies, pension funds, developers, and governmental agencies.  We have also worked on special projects with the FDIC and HUD.  Our services include Front-End Analysis Reviews of proposed construction projects, Site Observation Reviews for new construction, Property Condition Reports for existing properties, Cost to Complete Analysis, and Workout Scenarios for distressed assets.

We are active throughout the USA and the Caribbean.  Our staff of Consultants have Architectural, Engineering, or Construction Management degrees.  Our experienced staff has the skill and expertise necessary to help you make informed decisions regarding your loan or asset.  Our services are designed to give Clients the information they need, while always providing direct contact to the Newbanks professional assigned to your project.      

As an independent, third-party Consultant, Newbanks provides the integrity, expertise, and consistency that are essential to the success of your project or property.