Existing properties are reviewed to determine their current existing physical condition, for purposes of financing, refinancing, purchase, sale, foreclosure, or strategic planning.  We will include coordination of environmental or related inspections.  Our reporting will include a physical description of the property, site improvements, structure, roofing, exterior and interior finishes, and plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.  More in-depth evaluation of the various components and systems can be undertaken by specialty consultants, as necessary.  Our reports will outline any problem areas or unusual conditions, with recommendations for corrective action, as well as cost estimates for all recommended repairs, and projected capital expenditures over time. 

We tailor our reporting to the specific requirements of the Client.  If required, we can also monitor the quality and progress of repairs and rehabilitation on these projects.  Review of rehabilitation costs and cost estimates for repairs, upgrades, etc., for sufficiency and appropriateness can be included with our reports.