Due Diligence Commercial Real Estate Kansas City

Due Diligence Commercial Real Estate Kansas City

Due diligence is the inspection of the property with the help of a real estate professional to determine whether you want to proceed with the transaction. You have to gather the necessary documents for a comprehensive inspection, inclusive of the environmental due diligence.

Failure to gather all the documents will void your deposit money and delay the entire transaction. Lax due diligence spells disaster even for the most experienced real estate expert because you will have exposure to risks that could dig into your business’ revenue to leave a negative.

Details of comprehensive due diligence on commercial property

Collecting information

The primary data of the property is the backbone of great due diligence. The information should contain information such as:

  • The size of the building
  • The number of floors
  • The number of units
  • Type of property
  • Parking space
  • Current use of the building
  • Field measurements

System evaluation

Inspectors and other supporting experts are essential for breaking down the technical composition of the system. They will break down the building into the following structural and functional systems:

  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Physical system
  • Protection systems such as fire protection
  • Elevator

Review of report

The final reports of inspection include surveys about the environment, the Property Condition Assessment report, the Underground Storage Tank report, and a Maximum Probable Loss report.

Non-physical reports are an integral part of the due diligence for commercial real estate in Kansas City because they lay the foundation of your business’s operation. These reports include the building’s permit, violation records, a preliminary title report, and possible court cases of the situation. The proper administrative permissions will give way to immediate financial transactions and smooth interaction with the law.

Tenant information

Most purchase agreements require that the seller discloses all the legal contracts of the building. Review all the financial ties of the property, such as the option of extending the lease. Newbanks will help in reviewing and analyzing tough choices to confirm leasing terms and the certificate of liability insurance.

Seller disclosure

The disclosure will vary according to the classification of the building. Expending too much equity without in-depth reports like service agreements, drawings, and plans may impact the usability of the property.

Updated business plan

Due diligence is about preparing for pleasant surprises just as much as it makes you for the unattractive bits. Do not spend an excessive amount to get a due diligence report and waste money you would have used as a commercial investment. Refresh your capital improvement plans and rent projections as you learn about the property. The updated policy will highlight how the building will benefit your business projections.

Newbanks has a long list of property areas and documents to review when they begin your due diligence for commercial real estate in Kansas City. We will inspect more than the standard areas of the property, such as the foundation and the level of life safety around the property. Our report has a deep insight into the building’s past and projections of how it will perform in the future.

Due Diligence Commercial Real Estate Kansas City
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Due Diligence Commercial Real Estate Kansas City