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mudjacking Overland Park

Mudjacking is the process of raising existing concrete that has settled and become uneven with other slabs around it. E.g., a patio has pitched toward the house or sidewalk settled, leaving a step that is too big. Other times, tree roots grow and push up through the soil, overturning a section of the concrete. As well as being unpleasant to look at these types of issues pose tripping and safety hazards.

Does Mudjacking Work in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Settings?

Of course, mudjacking is not only for residential purposes. Mudjacking is common for Overland Park garage and shop owners as well. Commercial floors, as well as colossal factory floors, absorb an enormous amount of abuse, wear, and tear. Many of our clients for mudjacking in Overland Park fall into these categories.

There are many applications where it makes sense to mudjack or polyjack a concrete surface instead of ripping it out and replacing it brand-new. In most cases, slabs are in decent to good shape physically. For example, all of the concrete surfaces are flat and even, barring a few cracks, which aren't a big deal. PierMagic Foundation Specialists can quickly, safely, and efficiently raise your concrete surfaces and restore them to their original positions, no matter what the setting is.

Mudjacking vs. Full-Blown Concrete Replacement

Mudjacking for Overland Park homes or businesses is one of the more popular services that PierMagic Foundation Specialists offer. Many contractors do not provide this service. Instead, they will try to upsell individuals on full-scale concrete replacement, which is more time-consuming and costly for the client. Mudjacking can save you the headache and the expense of physically tearing up the concrete and replacing it.

Once we have finished the mudjacking project, you will be able to use the concrete as you usually would quickly. In many instances, the wait time is only 24 hours. In heavier applications, such as large factory floors, where there is a lot of weight placed, you will only need to wait 48 hours before reusing the surface. Places included are garages, parking lots, driveways - any surface that holds a lot of weight, from cars, trucks, boats, or trailers.

How Does Mudjacking Work?

PierMagic Foundation Specialists will drill small holes throughout the concrete slab in exact locations. Then, using a pump, we will inject a mortar mixture under very high pressure, forcing the concrete up off of the ground. As the mortar mixture raises the pavement, it also fills in space underneath the concrete and repressurizes the soil. When we are finished, you will have a dense, pressurized layer of mortar mix completely underfilling the underside of the concrete slab.

Contact PierMagic Foundation Specialists for your Mudjacking Needs!

If you believe you require mudjacking, give us a call! We'd be glad to visit and assess your slab. More often than not, mudjacking is a viable option. We will work to resolve your concrete problem quickly.

mudjacking Overland Park
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mudjacking Overland Park