Property Condition Assessment Chicago

Property Condition Assessment Chicago

The need for property condition assessment in Chicago is identifiable as part of the due diligence of a commercial property. These assessments are usually the requirements of lenders of refinancing or a new purchase. PCAs give insight into the risks and costs of a building system and the components that allow for greater leverage. Property condition assessments in Chicago are advantageous to sellers because they highlight how much one can invest over the reserve term of the loan.

Properties that need PCA

  • Commercial retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Professional offices
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Mobile homes
  • Multi-family residential homes

Details of a property conditions assessment in Chicago

The PCA includes evaluations about all the improvements of the construction site. The features cover the observations of all parts of the property, such as parking lots, landscaping, signage, roads, and utilities. The report follows the most recent ASTM standards and has the costs of the most accurate and current estimates.

A PCA does not include destructive testing, such as the breakdown of a wall or water intrusion. It will also lack information about any upcoming maintenances and repairs, as observed by the Newbank’s inspection personnel.

What happens during a PCA inspection?

It is the lender’s responsibility to commission an assessment with the recommendable provider. The provider identifies one who understands the most about the property in question and sends them to observe the property as a pre-inspection survey. The observation may include subjects such as the age of utilities, the type of features used in various parts of the building, and the materials of the multiple sections, such as windows or doors.

The survey prepares the inspector to visit the site to spend a couple of hours, patrolling the building to study the following details:

  • The envelope of the building
  • The HVAC system
  • The structure
  • Interior finishes
  • The plumbing system

The inspector will write a report to give a brief description of each component and identify the deficiencies of all parts. The entire process between the pre-inspection and the official survey requires approximately three weeks.

How to choose the best provider in Chicago

PCA providers do not have equal powers of operation. Some lack the knowledge of providing proper residential training and will not give the most accurate estimates. A good provider will, however, exhibit the following qualities:

  • Timeliness – The provider should be able to get to the site in time and give speedy responses after completion of all surveys and report making
  • Accurate costing – An experienced PCA provider will not require you to use a random online construction estimator. They will give you real-time cost data of your particular project and provide accurate numbers for each section of the project
  • Varied expertise – PCAs are only as crucial as their broad knowledge in the construction industry. Newbank offers a document and cost review, PCA, and cost to complete analysis service. The combination of these disciplines gives accurate and comprehensive analyses
  • Experience
  • A firm with the knowledge of handling hundreds or thousands of PCAs will usually provide a quick and trustworthy assessment. Our team has six decades of operation and prides itself in the execution of thousands of projects worth billions of dollars.




Property Condition Assessment Chicago
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Property Condition Assessment Chicago