For more than a half century, the Newbanks team has specialized in reviewing virtually all types of construction projects and existing properties; as well as related construction plans, documents, and costs. With our experience in withstanding numerous market peaks and downturns in the cyclical real estate industry, Newbanks can be a vital component in your underwriting process. Our professional staff possesses the skill and experience necessary to quickly determine the status, condition, and quality of construction completed to date for projects that are presently in a workout scenario, foreclosure, or are partially completed.

Newbanks will visit the project, meet with available personnel, and review available documentation to ascertain the remaining work and associated cost to bring the project to substantial completion. Our comprehensive summary report will allow your firm to make sound underwriting decisions in the current market. Newbanks’ affiliated companies offer owner’s representative services, in addition to full-scale construction management oversight for bank-owned partially completed projects.

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